The challenges are great.
And now? What is the solution?

Do you have questions about which decisions to make to make the best deal or are not sure of the best time to buy commodities?
This is where Germinare comes into the field, proposing innovative solutions based on expertise, research and technology to
optimize your investments and reduce costs.

We also work with consulting and advice so that you reap the rewards.

Assertive decisions provide more than good results. They generate savings for you. Therefore, we base our efforts on marketing studies, the monitoring of national and international stock exchanges and also on the use of software designed for the analysis and production of statistical data on the commodities market. This is how we supply our customers with complete and accurate information so they get the desired results. Our knowledge is based on the best available communication technology, which provides daily reports and data from the world's leading agricultural commodity centers, assisting us in targeting price trends, climate change and macroeconomic influences.

Trust is our brand.

We have business relations in Mato Grosso, Goiás, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina, and our portfolio of clients represents 1/3 of Brazilian Agribusiness revenues. With a high performance team coupled with the negotiation experience, our clients receive the best information and the best deals. We guarantee that we will make each of your business transactions as enjoyable and profitable as possible.



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